Guitars of Vintage guitar picks

Large triangular  Celluloid guitar pick, 1.35mm gauge, printed double sided with Guitars of vintage logo and website. Pack of five.


Will send via 1st class delivery.


New and sparkly in all their vintage black and gold glory.


Check out the Guitar Gallery page for more photographs of these fine guitar picks! Ok, one other photo...but how many do you need?

photo of a 1983 Fender Standard Telecaster. Detail photograph of front of guitar.

Guitars of Vintage Guitar Picks - 5 pack


Vintage style triangular heavy guitar pick with Guitars of Vintage logo and web address printed in gold. Functional, durable and pretty cool looking! Pack of five picks.


Er...they're black and gold. And made of good stuff - Celluloid picks are made from high quality celluloid material and have great flex and durability. Celluloid is a traditional pick material, these plectrums grip well to your hands and sound fantastic on the strings.

Guitars of Vintage logo

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